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Evac Halo

Evac Halo was founded in 2010 on the ideal that players should always have the tools to make their experience both unique, fun and one all their own. Evac Halo stands for escaping limitations, challenging the status quo and being a part of something bigger than yourself.  We offer an experience called Evacuation, a linear expansive, flood, team based game, were players have five minutes to make it to a pelican to survive the flood outbreak. If you’re ready to escape your limitations, challenge the status quo, have fun and go beyond, evac awaits.

162nd ODST

The 162nd ODST was founded in January of 2011, it’s a military structured clan that offers all of its members the opportunity to obtain both managerial and skill based ranks. The clan is broken up into four battalions, each battalion consist of nine, five man fire teams as well as one, five man fire team of trainers, one, five man fire team of recruiters and eleven officers. As a whole the 162nd has a maximum membership of 250 members. The 162nd ODST is currently recruiting; if you’re over fifteen and have a mic you’re welcome to enlist. We encourage you to join the 162nd ODST & take part in everything we have to offer.

New Members

All members must be at least 15 or older and have a mic,

Exceptions must be approved by Tdrow


Recruit Challenges: [These must be done before you can play anything by Evac Halo]

1. Go through Evacuation basic training with a basic trainer

2. Be a member on the site using your most up to date Gamertag as your site name

3. Friend ONI on EvacHalo.webs.com

4. Friend Evac Halo on Xbox Live

5. Post who recruited you on your EvacHalo.webs.com site account


Things you should do regularly

1. Make sure your armor and service tag are correct before you join an Evac Halo lobby

2. Record your stats from Evac Halo games and post them on the Leaderboards

3. Record any challenges and medals you earn during Evac Halo games and send that information to your Sergeant or Captain.

4. Check the site weekly for updates

5. If you change your Gamertag make sure you change your EvacHalo.webs.com account name to match