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Skirmish our completive Fire Team experience that will challenge players in nine of Halo 4 game modes. However it’s not just your Fire Team vs. the world. The Fire Team you are a part of and the two other Fire Teams that make up your company are your whole team. The Captain is the one who will call all the shots. They will determine what territories to attack and what ones you will defend.

Fire Teams that lose all territories that where under their control are removed from the game, and cannot join back in for a full month. While your team is your whole company, Your Fire Team can only compete if they have at least one territory that they own.

To better explain this here is an example:

Assume this is a map of Skirmish. The Red rectangles represent Fire Team A, Orange rectangles represent Fire Team B, both of which are members of the same Company. While Sky Blue rectangles represent Fire Team Y, and the Dark Blue rectangles represent Fire Team Z. The Purple triangle show the last territory that Fire Team X had on map however they lost the territory and no longer hold any territories on map. While Fire Teams Y and Z are still on Fire Team X’s team because they are a part of the same Company, Fire Team X no longer has any territories and therefore is removed from the game for one full month. Fire Team X can rejoin the game in a month as long as Fire Team Y or Z is still in the game.

Let’s assume one full month has pas from the time Fire Team X was removed from the game. This is what the map looks like after one month of play. Fire Teams Y and Z are still up however notice how both only have one territory each. Because neither one of the Fire Teams as an extra territory to give away to Fire Team X, Fire Team X will still have to sit out until Team’s Y and Z obtain an additional territory.

Now, let’s assume the map looks like this a month after Fire Team X was removed from the game. Fire Team X can join back in instantly because Fire Teams Y and or Z both have extra territories to give away to Fire Team X. So Fire Team X would rejoin the game. [Show by the purple Triangle] Both Fire Teams Y and Z do not have to have an extra territory in order for Fire Team X to join the game. All that needs to exist is that both Y and Z Fire Teams will have at least one territory left for them self. Your Company is removed from Skirmish when all three Fire Teams that make up a company no longer have any territories under their control. The last Fire Team/Company standing that owns all territories on map wins the game.


Skirmish is composed of 52 territories each territory is represented by one Halo 4 map. So there is no confusion as to what territory is which Halo 4 map. All Halo 4 maps have been given a name that matches the territories on the map below.  The 52 territories make up ten different regions. Owning a whole region will give that company an advantage that can be used agents other Fire Teams in game. Skirmish will challenge players in team slayer, big team battle, king of the hill, odd ball, two flag capture the flag, team regicide, dominion, skirmish flood, extraction, and fire team evacuation. In every game players will be fighting for control of the territory, the team wins the game wins the territory.

Fire Team can obtain advantages that can be used in game against other Fire Team by owning a region and or obtaining so many win’s or counter attacks against other teams. However these are not the only ways. Advantages can be but are not limited to: Spartan Deployment, Additional troops in battle, Mac rounds on territories, etc.

On game night, every Fire Team has one attack they can use. The order of play is based on the Fire Team that owns the fewest number of territories. In other word the game order goes from lowest to highest. To better explain this here’s an example:

Company A : Total number of  territories 21

Fire Team A : 8 territories

                Fire Team B : 7 territories

                Fire Team C : 6 territories

Company B : Total number of  territories 20

Fire Team D : 1 territories

                Fire Team E : 4 territories

                Fire Team F : 15 territories

Based on this information Fire Team D would have the first attack on game night, meaning Fire Team D gets to pick who they are attacking. Following Fire Team D’s choice, Fire Team E would then get to choose what territory to attack. Then Fire Team C, Team B, Team A and ending with Fire Team F. The order of attack is solely based on the number of territories owned by a Fire Team.

Once every Fire Team has made their attack teams that lose their attack can be counter attacked. So If Fire Team D chooses to attack Fire Team B and loses that game Fire Team can then launch a counter attack on the territory Fire Team D attacked from. If Fire Team D loses that game then they lose that territory. However if Fire Team B loses the counter attack there is no change. In other words the counter attack is risk free, because if you lose the counter attack game, you don’t lose any territories. Once all initial attacks and counter attack games are over that will conclude that game night. Skirmish game nights will continue until all territories are conquered by a Fire Team or Company.


Fire Teams and Company’s not only have to worry about being attacked by other Fire Teams but they also have to plan for the unexpected. The Flood and many other enemies still hide in the shadows and may attack at any time.


All maps and game modes can be found and downloaded on the file share, by searching Evac Halo

Feel free to download them all and practice with your Fire Team, may the best Fire Team win.

Map and Downloads to come..


Real Time Battle Map: Click Here



Owning Whole Regions: [See map for point breakdown]


Taking a Territory: [Gain 2 points]


Winning a Counter Attack: [Gain 1 Point]


Utilities: The use of a utility must be declared before attacking.


Last Stand: [Cost 20 points]: (Be the last fire team alive in you company and have only one territory) Fight off the enemy attack and then counter attack, if you win the counter attack. It's your turn automatically, obtaining immediate Spartan Deployment that turn, and your following two turns. All enemy targets lose 50% of their defending forces for all Spartan Deployed turns.

Mac Round: [Cost 20 points]: (Can attack any territory except a company’s last territory) Obliterate your target, wipes out all units on designated territory and one other ascent territory owned by the same fire team.


Calling in the Cavalry: [Cost 12 points]: (Takes effect before a counter attack can be launched) If a game goes into sudden death you can replay for the territory.


Hijacked: [Cost 10 points]: (Can’t be used on Mac’s & Last Stand) Take control of an attacking team’s utility.


Spartan Deployment: [Cost 8 points]: (Can’t be used against Spartan owned territories) Have a Spartan join your ranks for the battle.


Bombing Run: [Cost 5 points]: Call in an air strike before attacking, enemy team loses 40% of their defending squad.


Sentinels: [Cost 5 points]: Sentinels come to wipe out the flood, subtracts 500 points from enemy teams overall score in an Endure game.


Pelican Drop: [Cost 5 points]: (Can’t be used in BTB) Increases your attacking force by 40%.


Hell Drop: [Cost 3]: (Can attack any territory) Hell drop troops in a position behind enemy lines.


Pelican Extraction: [Cost 3 point]: (Used only after a battle, can’t be used with counter attacks) Trade places & territory ownership with one of your company’s fire teams.


Spartan Guard: [Cost 3 points]: (Must be declared before using a utility) Prevent Hijacked from happening on a utility.

This page will be updated when the final rules have been made for Skirmish